Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wine-ding Down

After the past few weeks of party planning and celebrating, we spent last weekend taking it rather easy.

Mom was in Knoxville with one of her tennis teams for their state championships, so we took the babies to watch their Meme play on Friday. Sadly, we didn't bring her much luck even though they placed second overall that weekend.

But James and Mattie Rose had a blast playing outside!


{this boy is obsessed with balls}


{and she just loves to point at everything these days}


{these kiddos were tuckered out and quickly fell asleep before we even hit the highway to come home}

Thank goodness for wonderful weekend weather, because we were able to get some good pool time in on Saturday. When we moved to Crossville, I told Kyle I needed to move into a house that was in a neighborhood and in a neighborhood that was family friendly. And we did. And I am so grateful, because that's what we got! If I can't have my own pool, then a neighborhood is the next best option. The babies love it too! Once they get used to the chilly water...


{poolside snacks are the best}


{so silly}


{mattie rose is fascinated by nature. even a lowly, little earthworm}

My and Kyle's 3rd anniversary was last Wednesday, but we decided to celebrate on the weekend. One thing about moving to a small town is that there really isn't a whole lot going on socially. Cue extreme longing for Memphis here. Luckily, Cookeville (which is about 30 miles from us) has a little more to offer. The west side of the town has really cute shops and restaurants, and this past weekend hosted Wine on the Westside. "Yes, please," said this worn-out mama! It entailed a street-long worth of wine tasting from different vineyards, most of them from the Nashville area, music, and food!


{i hate selfies, but when it's just the two of us its our only option}


{because kyle made fun of me in the first one, here's another...}


{our tasting glasses}


{killing time waiting in line}


{after strolling and tasting for a while, we had a yummy dinner at crawdaddy's and reviewed our favorites}


{wonderful night with my wonderful husband}

This week I am starting the countdown to our much needed trip to Memphis!!!!

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