Sunday, June 16, 2013

Pre-Party Relaxation

James and Mattie Rose's birthday party was Saturday, but before that, we were able to spend some relaxing time with out-of-town family who were so sweet to come celebrate with us. 

Kyle's cousin Jessica came to visit with her six month old Sawyer, as well as his Aunt Carol, Uncle John, and Mamaw. We had a yummy breakfast with them Friday morning over at the McShans. 


{sweet cheeks}


{he loved me. just sayin' :)}


{and he loved james and mattie rose. when they weren't crawling all over him.}

After a good, long nap, we headed to our neighborhood pool with Grandpa and Bebe (my dad and stepmom, Kim.) This was the babies' first time in the pool. The water was freezing, but we got accustomed to it after a while. And James and Mattie Rose loved it!  They love being outside and for that I am so grateful, because I tend to get a little claustrophobic inside my house at times. We packed a few snacks and spent a few hours catching some rays and soaking up some vitamin D. 


{mattie rose sporting her new swimsuit from meme. with milk and snack in hand. duh.}


{eating some strawberries with our bebe}


{just a-floatin'}


{it's so bright}


{hangin' out with daddy}

Before we even pulled out of the parking lot at the pool, these two were out like a light!



After this, it was time to get busy getting ready for the party!

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