Sunday, June 16, 2013

Beginning of the Birthday Celebrations

Whewwwww.... It has been a busy two weeks! Celebrating the twins' big first birthday, that is!!!

It's been a blast, and I finally have time to upload pictures and blog. So get ready for a flood of posts and pictures :)

James and Mattie Rose turned one on May 30. The morning started out with fun FaceTime with Grandpa (my dad) and then with MeMe (my mom). 


{my dad is crazy silly. what i love most about him.}


{catching a chat with meme before she heads to tennis}

Then we played around for a bit in our cute birthday shirts made by Nicole at lil threadz clothing. Check out her Etsy shop if you need some adorable stuff for your kiddos. She was super easy to work with, and I think the shirts turned out great! Incredibly soft and fit them well! 


{big girl}


{my little man was too busy playing to appease his mommy with a picture}

We headed to Cookeville to meet Kyle for a birthday lunch at the always safe Chick-fil-A. I cannot tell y'all enough how much I love this place. Not because of the delicious waffle fries and yummy chicken, but because of the service. It's like they practically tell you, "It's my pleasure to pick your children's food up off the floor." There's no judgement in this place and I like it! Ha! James and Mattie Rose love to meet Daddy in the middle of the day, and even more so on their birthday. We even scored free ice cream. Which ended up in Kyle's belly :)


{my loves}


{my chill little buddy}


{gah, that smile...gets me every time.}

Even though we had planned the birthday party for a couple of weeks after their birthday, there was no way we weren't eating cake! The Siscos and McShans came over for pizza and cupcakes. And boy did the babies love it!


{being ever so delicate}




{sweet girl}


{so silly that boy}


{get pull him away from food long enough to take a picture}




{"excuse me, i'm trying to eat cake here"}


{the sisco men}


{always trying to steal from her brother}




{stealing kisses}


{don't know what we would without these special friends of ours}


{my three favorite people}


{dayay and momma mc}

The babies had a sugar crash and were done not too long after this....

Still so hard to believe it's been a whole year! Can't wait to see how much more life will change with each passing year!

Stay tuned for more birthday fun....

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