Sunday, June 16, 2013

Party With Auntie Am

I hope one day James and Mattie Rose thoroughly understand how many people love them! One of them being one of my best friends, Amber. Or to James and Mattie Rose, Auntie Am! 

Kyle was out of town the weekend following their birthday, so Auntie Am came to stay have a slumber party for the weekend! While Daddy was away, we definitely played :)

The weekend was started off right with breakfast on the patio.


{all of this did wonders for my soul. my kiddos, my sista, fruit tea from bread & co, and a yummy breakfast. yum!}

After breakfast, we did a little shopping including the best $20 purchase of the summer. A huge inflatable pool from Wal-mart. Ha! It's huge. It could easily fit four adults... How could I not purchase it? Because let's be honest, I'm not going to watch my kiddos have fun in the pool. Mommy needs to stay cool and catch some rays too :)


{post-swim pic}


{auntie am came bearing birthday gifts - these cute swimsuits on two cute babes}

We spent the rest of night lounging around, working on some birthday party decorations, laughing at Pitch Perfect for the eleventh time, and enjoying some mommy drinks. My how our Saturday nights have changed...

After church on Sunday morning, we ate a little lunch followed by the usual post-church photo shoot.


{my girls}


{james loved flirting with auntie am all weekend}


{lots of smiles}


{this makes my heart happy}


{and just because an instagram filter makes everything better...}

Am, can't tell you how much you mean to me and the babies. Life has taken us through so many different stages so far, and I can't wait to see how our friendship continues to grow and change over the next 100 years. I have a good feeling you'll still be doing my hair, I'll be cooking dinner, and we'll both be drinking wine. I love you!

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