Sunday, December 30, 2012

Third and Final Christmas

The day after Christmas, Dad and Kim (Grandpa and Bebe) made their way from Dallas to Crossville. It took them a little longer to get here than expected because of bad weather in Arkansas, but they finally made it, safe and sound. And James and Mattie Rose were excited to wake up to their faces the next morning!

I did a terrible job taking pictures while they were here. We were just having such a fun time relaxing, drinking LOTS of coffee, and shopping! 

They spoiled the babies rotten with lots of wonderful toys and Golden Books, my favorite! I had a collection of them when I was little that mysteriously disappeared, so I am excited to start a collection for the twins. 

Literally, the ONLY pictures I took while they were here. Kicking myself now....


{sweet baby james}


{nothing but giggles}


{is this close enough mom?}


{who me???}

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