Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I Love Company!

So we have definitely been on a blogging hiatus. Life has been somewhat busy, for not much to be going on. If that makes any sense. I tend to not make sense these days...

Blogger told me I had reached my free limit of photo memory, and if I wanted to continue to upload pictures I would have to pay. No thank you, Blogger. But thank you to Kendall for showing me another route through Flickr. And it has taken me a while to figure it out, even though it is terribly easy. So there's your answer for lack of posts. Get ready for an ambush now!

Over the past month we have had some sweet time with special visitors. The transition to Crossville has been a little tough on me. Though I am busy with the babies, I get a little lonely from time to time. It's tough to go from knowing that you can see your friends at a moments notice to, well, not. I have been homesick for Memphis quite a bit, so it was wonderful to have a little bit of Memphis come to us. 

First, Mom went to visit my grandfather in Indiana several weeks ago and just so happened to make a stop "on her way home." And hour and a half out of "her way home." :) Works for me! She stayed two nights, and we just lounged in our jammies and hung out with the babies! 


Then, about two weekends ago, my dear friend Megan came to visit!!! I am so grateful for her and our friendship! We have been in a discipleship/heart group for the past couple of years now, and I can honestly say she knows my heart better than most. She has a way with kiddos that I envy and has taught many moms how to better raise their children in the Lord. God has truly given her a special gift!!! James and Mattie Rose love Mae Mae!!!!


Over Thanksgiving break, Julie was visiting her Mom in Chattanooga, so Kayla and I made a quick day trip to visit her and Kate. The babies had a blast playing together, and it was wonderful to get to visit with sweet friends. I got a nice little glimpse of what life is going to look like for us in about 5 months or so. Needless to say, I won't be sitting down much. :)


The Friday after Thanksgiving, the Selecmans stopped by since they were in town visiting JB's family. They are family to us and have played and continue to play a huge role in our lives and a couple who we look to for wisdom and guidance. We love them and their three kiddos! We had a yummy lunch followed by a wrestling match on our kitchen floor. Too much fun!!!


And then this past Sunday, the Howards were driving back from Asheville and made a pit stop at our house! Christina is also in my discipleship group, and she and I were pregnant at the same time! It was a neat time to get to share with her, and now it's even more special to walk through the newness of motherhood together. Gabby, who is about two months younger than twins, and Mattie Rose had fun looking at, reaching for, and talking to one another. And James couldn't quite staring at her! Look out Jeff! 


The Lord has been faithful in meeting my emotional needs through this change. It may sound silly to some, but I just do not handle change well, and knowing His daughter, my Father is taking care of my heart constantly! 

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