Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Old Man River

The Saturday after Thanksgiving, Kyle turned the big 3-1! Last year, I had big plans to throw him a surprise 30th birthday party, yet the twins had other plans for us that included hospitalization and confinement to a bed and toilet bowl. And just as a little side note, if the press keeps calling the Dutchess' condition "some morning sickness" one more time, I may just get mad for her. Especially the male reporters. Hyperemesis has got to be one of the worst conditions ever. Most of the doctors and nurses will compare it to post-chemo treatment feelings. Incredible weakness, constant nausea relieved by no medicine even though they pump you full of it, inability to drink/eat ANYTHING, weight loss, and the list goes on. 

Okay off of my soap box...

For Kyle's birthday I gathered some friends of his from college for an adults-only dinner at Chop House. As much as I love my babies, it's nice to be able to enjoy a meal with both hands and enjoy a conversation without having to talk over a crying little one. Kyle was surprised to see several of his buddies who we haven't seen probably since our wedding. 


{me and the birthday boy. man, birthday man.}


{making a wish}


{the whole crew - back row: ryan, steven, melissa, lance, kyle, me, kristi, chad - front row: amy, brianna, jesse, kayla, travis}


{the siscos}


{chad and steven}


{good times. great laughter.}


{lance telling stories i'm sure}


{us and the isabells}


{lance and kyle}


{us and the spriggs}


{the freemans and us}


{jesse, kyle, me, and brianna}


{birthday balloons and buddies}


{best buds with a photo bomb by jesse in the back}

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