Monday, December 10, 2012

6 Month Sickness

James and Mattie Rose turned SIX MONTHS OLD two Fridays ago. That's right. You heard me. SIX. MONTHS. Unbelievable how quickly they are growing and changing. Monthly photo shoots are getting tougher each time as they are becoming more curious about everything and much more mobile. Once they start crawling, I am going to be in trouble.

First up, some pictures from our monthly shoot :)


{so silly}


{have i mentioned it's impossible to get them both to look at the same spot at the same time?}


{mattie rose was flirting with her daddy and james was ready for her to stop leaning on him}


{sweet girl}


{so happy}


{her jake-dog was making her laugh}


{that mouth is always open}


{sweet boy}


{"are you serious?"}


{drooling is all we do}


{oh that little smirk...}


{hands and everything else go in ours mouths, but still no teeth}


{they were over it at this point, but just wanted you to be able to see their size difference}

Last Tuesday we went to Memphis, because we had a pediatrician appointment later in the week for their six month check-up and immunizations. I am just not ready to let go of Dr. Hanson (who I raved about in earlier posts). The week started out good, like this:


{story time with pop}


{and laughing with meme}

...and then the week quickly turned to a horrible bug and a trip to the ER. In hindsight, the ER visit was a little extreme, but the nurse at the doctor's office told us to if x, y, and z didn't work out, and there is always the thought of what would have happened if I hadn't taken her? 


{poor thing. not feeling well at all.}


{hospital beds are not as comfy as our crib}

Friday morning, they acted like they were feeling better, however we had several outfit changes and went through many, many paper towels at the doctor's office.


{mattie rose}


{james likes to try and hold the phone to take his picture}


{you would never know by the picture how many times they got sick prior to this}


{when james gets excited, he extends his entire body, shakes, and makes a high pitch noise. so funny.}


{mattie rose is easily entertained and zones in on whatever catches her eye}


{side by side}


{just killing some time waitin' on Dr. Hanson to come in. those eyes melt my heart.}


{after getting shots, girlfriend was worn out. couldn't even finish her phone call.}

We went ahead with their immunizations on Friday. And though they did okay, I think choosing to do so has caused them to take a little longer getting over this bug. We got all their stats, and I must say, I have some minis on my hands...

     Head circumference: 42.5 cm - 18th percentile
     Length: 26.75 inches - 59th percentile
     Weight: 15 pounds 6 ounces - 14th percentile

Mattie Rose:
     Head circumference: 42 cm - 37th percentile
     Length: 25.5 inches - 39th percentile
     Weight: 13 pounds 6 ounces - 7th percentile

Just a growin'. Slowly, but surely. 

I am just grateful to the Lord, for healthy, happy babies. Trying everyday not to take this for granted. 

Hope these pictures brought a smile to your face as they do mine! :)

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