Monday, August 1, 2011

Babies Babies Babies

Babies all around!

The past week has been full of baby celebrations!

Two Saturdays ago, my handsome little godson Declan was baptized. The baptism was at Incarnation Catholic Church in Collierville. Father Ben, who married Patrick and Alicia, baptized Declan. Father Ben also baptized Abbigail who I posted about here.

Declan cried the whole time but it was the cutest thing!!!

{this is how patrick has to hold declan to keep him happy}

{father ben putting the sign of the cross on declan's forehead}

{my turn}

{declan did not like the holy water}

{parents, godparents, and declan}

{maids of honor-one now momma}

Thursday afternoon, our friends Kayla and Travis, found out the sex of their sweet little bun in the oven. I headed over there after work to find out for myself!

{pink and blue cupcakes made by adonia kennedy at bitbakes-which is it???}

{all the girls celebrating baby BOY asher riley sisco}

{charles getting ready to find out}

{a boyfriend for charles' soon-to-be-here baby girl}

{lauren getting to let chip find out}

{a boy for his new baby to rob the cradle with}

{kyle's turn}

{we tricked him into thinking it was a girl}

{still excited it was a boy}

{the crew- i am now three for three on baby predictions with this group}

Right after leaving the Sisco's house, mom and I packed up and made the 10 hour trip to Wichita Falls, Texas to celebrate Abbigail's first birthday.

It's incredible how time flies and how she is turning into a little girl!

{aunt court, what is that thing you keep putting in front of my face that makes a big flash?}

{playing with the flowers- not wanting to smile at the camera}

{precious little one}

{happy birthday little one}

{some decorations}

{the party had a candy theme with lots of bright colors and yummy treats}

{me and diane, kati's friend and abbi's godmother- love her!}

{me and the birthday girl}

{cake time}

{happy little family}

{me and momma after a long day}

{sweet abbi and i maxin' and relaxin' after her birthday extravaganza}

After a long weekend of traveling and a rough day at work, it's time to turn in!

Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend and has a great rest of the week!

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