Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Surprise Showering

Over the past few months, I have been blessed with the opportunity to disciple two of my very dear friends, Julie and Kayla. Taking what I learned from my nine months in Downline, I am sharing with them what I have learned about the Lord, His word, and our mission if we call ourselves followers of Christ. It has been a personal challenge for me. It has caused me to spend more time studying the Word both academically and devotionally. I am held more accountable now than ever, because I am responsible for what I impart to them. It must be truth.

Our time together has been so sweet to me. It melts my heart to see two women hungry for the Lord and to desire to learn His word. Our friendship has deepened more in the past several months than it has over the past 2 years that I have known them, I think [you'll have to ask their opinion :) ]. And it's because we are learning together, praying together, suffering together, celebrating together.

Tonight, we celebrated their little buns in the ovens! Julie's sweet girl, Kathryn Ann ("Kate"), is due in late October. Kayla's handsome man, Asher Riley, is due just before Christmas!

Tonight the girls came over for our usual weekly meeting, but little did they know they had several surprises waiting for them...

{kayla and asher's diaper cake and goodies}

{julie and kate's diaper cake and goodies}

{muddy's...what else}

{pregger bellies - the cheesy pose was forced upon them}

{soon-to-be mommies}

{reading their cards-i didn't write too much because i was starting to tear up while writing}

{julie excited about swaddling}

{cute little long-sleeve onesies since it will be chilly when kate is born}

{kayla is using bright colors in her nursery. when i saw this owl clock in texas the other weekend, i HAD to get it}

{same onesies kate got, but in boy. they say "the best of mom and dad"}

{julie loves socks, so of course sweet kate will too}

{love them- please excuse my tired eyes. i have been working 10+ hour days this week}

In the words of the great James Taylor : "Shower the people you love with love."

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  1. that night was great and you are amazing! love you friend.