Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Grandpa and Bebe Come To Visit

Dad and Kim flew in on Christmas Day, and it was so nice to get to spend part of the actual holiday with them.

{mattie rose helping her bebe open gifts}

{ohhh these two}

{bebe was glad to have such big helpers to open her gifts}

{and when bebe was done, mattie rose was glad to help grandpa}

{dad's new hat from my brother}

{mattie rose and her bebe}

{again, way too busy to look at the camera}

{trying on grandpa's hats}


{"wait grandpa, give it back"}

{mattie rose a little unsure of it all...}

{snuggle time}

{warming up}

We spent the day after Christmas shopping for some good deals. And the following day, the weather was so nice, so we headed to the park. There is a great ADA-accessible playground in town, which I love because it's not messy sand or dirt to have to clean off the babies. 

{do they even look old enough to be grandparents?}

{just a-swingin'}

{working on her swing}

{grandpa giving her some pointers}

{then it was james' turn}

{he was so proud of himself}

{if ya wanna play, ya gotta carry your own clubs}


{it didn't take long for mattie rose to snuggle up with grandpa. there is just something about watching your daughter sit in your dad's lap. pulls at the heartstrings. just a bit.}

{and of course, whatever one does, the other has to do as well}

This trip was way better than all the others, because we had almost a whole week together. It wasn't rushed, and we could just spend good, quality time together. But of course the day they left came way too fast! COME BACK GRANDPA AND BEBE!!!!

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