Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Christmas Day 2013

It was so fun to wake the babies up on Christmas morning. Wait. Let's be honest. There was no waking them up. They are always awake at the crack of dawn.

We had a quick snack of a breakfast, Daddy read the Christmas story out of Luke, and then opened a few gifts.

{babes on Christmas}

{james and daddy reading}

{someone only wanted to open gifts}

{this is just funny to me}

{mattie rose digging in}

{sweet boy}

{loving her new outfits}

{i love when he sits like this. and then the physical therapist in me comes out...}

{that face}

{needed a banana break}

{james checking out daddy's new pictures for the office}

{just playing with his new cars}

{she loves to doodle these days}

{playing in our tunnels from momma mc and dayay}

{and no christmas is complete without some snuggles}

Once presents were opened and the mess was cleaned up, we had another surprise for James and Mattie Rose. Grandpa and BeBe were on their way!!!!

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