Sunday, October 6, 2013

15 Month Update

Here we are again. A little late on an update on James and Mattie Rose. About a month ago, we had our 15 month checkup with Dr. Leslie.  

The only problem I have with them so far, is that they don't give you a piece of paper with your child's stats :) And when you go solo to get shots, your only focus is "how can I get us out of here with the most minimal meltdown possible?" And therefore, you forget to ask to have them written down. 


{big boy}


{big girl}

From what I do remember:

James was 31 inches and a little over 20 pounds. Mattie Rose was 30 inches and approximately 18.5 pounds. They had the same head circumference, which I have no clue what it was. But they both are registering in the 3rd percentile for weight. Little squirts! But we are still on a positive growth curve and just as "normal" as can be!

The following week after our check-up, both James and Mattie Rose were rockin' low-grade fevers that I attributed to teething. Molars are no joke. But once James' temperature hit 103, I knew there was something more was going on that just teeth. Kyle did a full-body check on James, and here are some pictures of what we found... These are not pretty, but I want you mommies to see these just in case:


{blister on a non-weight bearing surface)


{another one}


{this kid never sits this still}


{small blisters around his mouth}


{rash on his thigh}

If you guessed Hand-Foot-Mouth, you're right. Dr. Leslie said this was textbook presentation. I knew there was nothing that she could do for us, but we went in to see her just for verification to let Mother's Day Out and church know. Symptoms take 3-5 days to present once they have come in contact with the virus. That's the worst part. You have no idea what's wrong with your babies until they have been suffering for a few days :( Fortunately, no other reports of any of the other kiddos were made. So I am assuming we picked this up from a grocery cart. Who knows...


{poor buddy}


{mommy hates sick little boys, but sure does love snuggles}

Though it was a rough week, with very little sleep, I had to keep reminding myself how blessed we are that we really do have healthy babies and if ear infections, tubes, and HFM are the worst of it, we are in great shape! And then we pray for those babies whose lives look much different from ours and for their parents who are much stronger than us!

Kiss your babies. Hold your babies. Tell them how much you love them. Over. And Over. And Over. 

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