Monday, May 13, 2013

11 Months Update

If I could sum up 11 months so far in one word, it would be laughter. James and Mattie Rose are hilarious these days, and they think each other are the funniest person alive. And they are. To me at least. Everything one does makes the other fall over laughing. 

They both are getting more curious and mischievous as the days go by, which brings about much chasing and correcting from this mama! There are times when I have trouble telling them "no" with a serious face as they look at me with such proud smiles of the trouble they are getting themselves into. And then there are times when I have just ruined their world for taking away a phone charger that they could easily wrap around their necks. Battles... Have to pick them I suppose. 

Birthday party planning for the big O-N-E is well underway. We (and by we, I mean me) are going for a fish/under the sea theme. I am not really sure how moms planned birthday parties before the days of Pinterest. However, I am quite sure they didn't spend as much money! 

Not too much has changed in the past month, but here's where we stand:

-We are able to push our walkers all over the house, but are still unable to stand unsupported. 
-We live to climb over any obstacle you put in front of us whether it be pillows, laundry baskets, human bodies... :)
-James has four teeth now, two on top and two on bottom. Mattie Rose still has just the two on the bottom.
-We FINALLY have babies who sleep through the night. Mattie Rose will have an occasional bad night, but for the most part she is sleeping from 7-6:45, and James from 7-7:30, sometimes 8.
-We have been taking two really great naps that last anywhere from an hour and a half to two and a half hours, just depending on how much they want mommy to get housework done :)
-We are working on weaning the bottle. This is so sad to me for some reason, but I am so looking forward to the day when I no longer have a tub of bottles to wash before bed. Sorry Dr. Brown's, but I won't miss you. They haven't been too interested in sippy cups before and knowing we are about to make the switch to regular milk, I have been trying to push the sippies a little more. They are definitely more interested and are finally drinking from them rather than just chewing on the spout. 
-We still love going for walks and swinging at the park, but we really love going to Jumpville! Jumpville is a place in Cookeville that has inflatables, but they also have a toddler area full of vinyl/foam type inclines, blocks, rollers, etc. They have a blast climbing up, over, and under everything! 
-We love to dance. Anytime we hear music, we bounce up and down if we are standing, and sway side to side if we are sitting down.
-Bath time is still our favorite part of the day. But now we have to watch for drowning babies, as they love to tackle each other in the tub.
-We are saying a few more "words." It's no longer just da-da-da-da. We can throw in a "mum mum mum mum" and "ba-ba," though I am not too sure they know what each means. Or maybe they do. Who knows???

Enjoy some pictures from our 11 month shoot! Hard to believe in just two and half weeks these babies will have been in our lives for a year! Can't imagine life without them!









It's a shame they aren't happy babies :)

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