Monday, April 22, 2013

10 Months...Three Weeks Too Late

One day. One day, I will post monthly updates on time. I'm learning, though, to give myself grace in ALL (okay, most) areas of motherhood. 

This past month was full of growing and changing. And I still cannot get over the fact that we are planning a first birthday party...

Both James and Mattie Rose have two teeth. The bottom front ones. It's so strange to look at them and not see those big gummy smiles, but something about those little pearly whites gets me to :) We now brush our teeth during bath time, and they fight over who gets the toothbrush first. 

Bath time is still our favorite part of the day. Right after dinner, I get them out of their high chairs, and it's like two little ducklings following their mama duck. They know exactly where to go! They could play in the tub for hours if I'd let them and if the water stayed warm :) If you haven't seen the recent bath time video I posted on Facebook, I highly recommend taking a look at it. It's pretty stinkin' cute. 

Both James and Mattie Rose are crawling all over the place. They figured it out and figured it out fast. So much so that we ended up investing in a gate for our living room. The room is really spacious so it's more than enough room for them to play in, but they were wearing me out taking off to other parts of the house in two separate directions. And I say invested, because the entryway into our living room is 70 inches wide, so we had to buy a ridiculous amount of extension pieces. But it's up, they are happy, and mommy is happy!

They both are able to pull to a standing position, but have yet to cruise or let go. It amazes to watch them just figure things out. Mattie Rose is learning to climb. She loves climbing on and off of Jake's dog bed, and today, I caught her trying to climb onto the fireplace. Ay yi yi! They play really well together, but after a while enjoy their own little world within the living room. 

We LOVE to eat! Just like Mommy and Daddy. They are not very picky and will typically eat whatever I put on their high chair tray. Some of our favorites are grilled cheese sandwiches, bananas, carrots, green beans, scrambled eggs, strawberries, string cheese, and chicken. Any Gerber product of any kind is a big hit as well (puffs, cookies, cheese straws, etc.). 

Any time spent outside is time well spent. James and Mattie Rose love to go to the park and swing. And walks around the neighborhood in the BOB are fun too! 

This past month has been a rather healthy one. Though James has his third double ear infection, you'd never know it. Our pediatrician has referred us to an ENT who we will see next week. A little nerve-racking but I know it's for the best for his poor little ears. 

Enjoy a few pictures!


{look at those teeth!}


{such a happy boy}


{our new thing - that tongue is always sticking out of his mouth}


{looking a little concerned}


{what, mom?}


{my best girlfriend}


{little stinker}


{cracking up at her brother i'm sure}


{getting so big}


{mattie rose and her toes}


{daddy was working really hard behind the camera to keep their attention}


{best buds}


{gosh i just love them so...}


{mattie rose practicing her heel stretch}


{and now she's got it}


{does it get any cuter? i think not.}

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!!!

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