Tuesday, March 26, 2013

9 Months

I figured since the twins turn 10 months old this week, it might be a good idea to post their 9 month pictures and update. Time is just a-flyin' on by...

The past couple of months have been full of ear infections, flu, and just an all-over hatred for the winter months. We have had a few glimpses of spring weather, but today as I sit here and type this, it's while staring out the window watching snow fall. It makes me mad. End of March should not include snow.

How can we look forward to Easter egg hunts, swinging at the park and taking long walks when it's FREEZING outside.... Misery.

While at the doctor for our 9-month checkup, here's what we learned:

Mattie Rose:
     Length: 26 and 3/4 inches
     Weight: 15 pounds 5 ounces

     Length: 28 inches
     Weight: 17 pounds

Basically my babies are tiny. It has been a hard switch to a new pediatrician here, but we have found one that we really like, but none will compare to the beloved Dr. Hanson in Memphis. I miss my little sheets they would give me with the measurements, percentiles, and what to look for in the coming months. Oh well...

It's getting much more difficult to take pictures of two babies who are on the move!!! They are crawling EVERYWHERE!!! I have a feeling we are going to keep the baby gate business, well, in business :)

Some other interesting facts right now:
-They love to eat any and everything that is put on their highchair tray. And are a little more picky when things are on a spoon.
-Some of our favorite finger foods are grilled cheese sandwiches, lemons, scrambled eggs, bananas, and string cheese.
-James has learned to clap (with both hands flat) and Mattie Rose attempts to (with one hand flat and the other in a fist).
-Regardless of what time they go to bed, both babies are up at 6:45 (yes, A.M.) and not a moment later.
-They have insane separation anxiety. I can't even stand up from the floor without a reach or a scream from someone.
-They love to give kisses. I mean big, open-mouth, slobbery ones. They are the best.
-James has two teeth on the bottom. Mattie Rose has none.
-Both of them will pull to a half-kneeling position, but no standing yet.
-They love to go for walks.
-High chairs in restaurants make them happy.
-Heaven must be a lot like a warm bath for them, because they could stay in there all day!
-Swings at the park are our new favorite thing to do.  We could almost swing as long as we could play in the bath.

Here's what we look like at 9 months old!














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