Friday, September 14, 2012

Monthly Recap and New Developments

We have been crazy busy lately! At least that is what I am telling myself to make up for the lack of frequent blogging. 

On August 30, James and Mattie Rose turned 3 months old! Such big kids... 

We had a horrible photo session on their birthday. We were in the middle of a growth spurt (I think), were fussy, and were not wanting to sit anywhere near our sibling. Much less smile for mommy's obnoxious camera in our faces!

Here's the best and most amusing of the bunch:

{3 months old today!}

{james make the funniest faces. all. the time.}

{when mattie rose isn't too busy screaming her head off, she'll slide in a sweet smile like this}

{"we have to take the pictures again..."}

{preventing a meltdown with a paci}

{love that face}

{sweet baby james}

{please excuse the "wetness indicator" on james' diaper. getting a good picture of him was more important at the time :) }

{we love to blow lots of spit bubbles these days}

{sister meltdown}

{brother meltdown}

{tired babies}

Labor day weekend, we took the babies on their first road trip. To Crossville. We spent the day Saturday in Kingston with the Siscos. They moved from Memphis several weeks before the babies were born and had yet to meet them! It was just what we needed, sweet time with our dear dear friends. No rush. Nowhere to be. Just hanging...

{kyle took james for a quick dip in the siscos pool. clearly you can tell what he thought about it}

{asher and the twins. he hadn't been around anyone younger than him before that day and it was neat to see him interact with them. i think he was confused as to why they weren't playing back with him.}

{on the way home to memphis, they slept almost the whole way!}

Last weekend, we had a quick visit from Kyle's great aunt and uncle, Mimi and D. We love them so much! Two of the best storytellers I know! I could sit and listen to them talk all day!

{the ladies}

{the gentlemen}

So that's been the past few weeks. And now for the new developments...

We are moving!!!

We have decided it's time to get serious about our future and starting to make strides to reaching some long-term goals. Kyle hopes to begin his own practice in Crossville, and we really need to be there in order to start the process. So he has accepted an associate position at an office in Cookville. And we are moving. Did I mention, in three weeks?!?!

While we were in Crossville Labor Day weekend, we house hunted, hunted a house, put in an offer, and got it accepted!

{our future home}

It has been madness at our house since then. I have trying to pack a little each day. In between taking care of two babies, keeping a mischievous dog out of trouble, and the usual household chores, packing up this house has been a big challenge. But I am making some head-way and have no doubt I can get it all done within the next couple of weeks. 

I am full of mixed emotions and can't even begin to go into them all for fear of another sob-fest :) 

We have another busy two weeks ahead of us with some fun scheduled along the way! Will try to stop doing such a horrible job keeping this blog up to date. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend with the ones they love!

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