Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2 Month Madness

I can't believe two months have gone by and I haven't so much as looked at this blog. It has been craziness here the past few months and things are finally starting to calm down.

On October 14 (which was a Friday), I took one of these and it turned out like this:

Yes, that's right....a positive pregnancy test! We were shocked (in a good way) to say the least! We had not been "actively" trying, just letting the Lord do His work in His time and He sure did! I was about four weeks along when we found it.

Week 4: Felt great! Excited excited excited!

Week 5: Started to feel some exhaustion, but otherwise still felt great!

And then week 6 reared it's ugly head...

And so began the past two months of horrible sickness. I spent almost two weeks at work attempting to see patients and instead spent the majority of my time in the bathroom getting sick. The doctors had given me both Zofran and Phenergan to take, however they didn't touch the symptoms. I spent several days off work and was scheduled for my follow-up visit on a Friday (around the 8 week mark). I had a follow-up appointment scheduled as well as an ultrasound appointment. I was feeling so terrible that I had Kyle call to cancel my ultrasound appointment because I was not at all feeling up to it. (I mean, really, who does that?)

That day had by far been the worst day. I had never felt so bad. I couldn't even move to get dressed. And walking into the doctor's office was a nightmare. The minute the doctor saw me, he said "Let's admit you to the hospital." I was fearful but thankful. Because what we had been trying was clearly not working. Prior to me leaving the office, he told us that we really needed to do an ultrasound before leaving. And here's what we found:

Two babies!!!! No wonder I had been so sick! It was amusing, because about a week earlier I told my friend that I had a strange feeling there were two. For those who read and don't know, my dad is a twin. And I just had a feeling that I was next in line for a double dose of hormones!

After two different hospital admissions, the doctors finally decided to send me home with a home health company and a Zofran pump. Constant delivery of medicine all day long. Here is what it looks like...

Each day I have had to insert a catheter into my belly which connects to the syringe of medicine. For someone who hates needles, this has definitely been a challenge for me to overcome. It doesn't feel good, the medicine leaves knots under my skin, and for the longest time I couldn't really even tell a difference with the medicine. The nurses tell me the whole basis for this treatment is to keep you out of the hospital. It's not a miracle drug, it's not going to make all the nausea and vomiting go away, and it's not going to take care of any aversions. It is strictly to keep the vomiting to a minimum and to keep you at home instead of spending time in an uncomfortable hospital bed. And it has. It hasn't taken away the nausea, it hasn't stopped the vomiting, it hasn't given me energy back. It has solely allowed me to handle the way I was feeling independently, without being in the hospital.

I am now in week 14 of this pregnancy and I think I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We have had several ultrasounds in the past month and the babies are doing great! Once I feel up to it, I will try and post some recent pictures of them. Because THEY are so cute!

I now love saying THEY! At first with feeling so sick all the time, it was very difficult to be excited about anything. I felt incredibly blessed that the Lord would choose Kyle and I to raise not just one, but two babies, however, I was miserable and mad at the way I was feeling, the fact that I couldn't work, and that I couldn't "enjoy" being pregnant. If I am being honest...

We are almost 100% sure of the sexes of the babies, but we have another appointment next Thursday and I'll post more pictures and let yall know what we can expect to be holding in about 26 weeks! Crazy to say that...

In other news: Our dear friends Travis and Kayla brought Asher into the world a couple of weeks ago. He is sooo handsome and mom and dad are doing great! One of my best friends is also pregnant, about a week and a half or so ahead of me. It has been nice to share with each other, and complain to each other, and to encourage each other. Kyle has started working a few days at a new location, and he is doing great! He has been incredible these past two months (not that he isn't always incredible). He has really shown me what a servant heart looks like and patience. He has been working so hard and I could not be more proud of him and that our babies have a father who is willing to work so hard to provide for his family. We spent Christmas in Crossville with Kyle's parents and brothers and sadly I have no pictures. I know so much more has been going on, but I think pregnancy brain has already began to set in...

Love to you all...

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  1. awww so exciting! girl I was soooo very sick with ally and that was only one baby. I can't.even.imagine.
    But I do think I perked up around week 14. So hopefully you are coming around. What an incredible blessing! I can't wait to read all about your pregnancy and your life as a mom of TWINS! wow.