Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pumpkins, Leaves, and Mums

This weekend was spent relaxing and doing a whole lot o' nothing...

I somewhat decorated for fall... As in I randomly placed fall-themed objects around the house.

But before I did that, I spent Saturday morning garage-sailing with my friend Lee. I was looking for and only gave myself permission to buy a reading chair. I needed a quiet place to read, spend time with the Lord, etc. I totally despise our office. It's not comfortable to me, it's too manly, and every time I look at it I want to take everything out and start all over. So I created a little reading area in our guest bedroom.

Saturday morning must have been my lucky morning, because at the first stop, I found a chair for $15, but only paid $10. It was clean, in good condition, and had a funky pattern. So I bought it! Here it is:

Sunday after church, Kyle and I headed to Second Baptist Church right down the street from our house. They had a great little pumpkin patch and I was ready to pick some up for our house.

{HUGE pumpkins}

{perfectly round}

{my wheelbarrow man}

{pumpkins, mums, gourds}

Once we got the pumpkins home, I headed out to shop some. Found some neat little things. I am starting to appreciate and love Williams-Sonoma, and it has become quite dangerous that the outlet is right near our house. A little too convenient.

{this pasta sauce just seemed right for fall. heated it and poured it over cheese-filled tortellinis. delish}

{for dessert, i made this pumpkin spice bread. sooo good. especially with the cream cheese topping}

{cream cheese topping - my kitchenaid mixer made this way easy}

Here are just a few pictures from around the house. Just quick pics from the iPhone.

{right when you walk into our mudroom. that candle is the "sage and citrus" yankee candle and i loooove it. has a very clean scent}

{bumpy gourds and pumpkins in a gray bowl on our coffee table}

{apothecary jars on the right side of the mantle}

{side shot of the mantle - clearly my clock is not set}

{glass leaf and another yankee candle - harvest something...}

{my friend bubba made this shelf for me from scrap wood. having a hard time deciding how to organize it}

{cute ceramic owls that i found at kroger of all places}

{straw pumpkins from the dollar spot at target}

{buffet in the brick room}

{fat pumpkin, fat candle - mullen cider scent from walmart}

{pumpkin candelabra from hobby lobby}

Now, if Memphis weather could drop below 80 degrees we could really welcome the fall...

Hope everyone is finding themselves preparing themselves for the holiday season with gratitude and a right perspective.

With love....

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