Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Work, Work All Day Long..

...calls for some fun!

I introduced you to my work group in this post, I L-O-V-E them! And I don't mean that I really like them a lot, which I do obviously. But I seriously do love them. They are my family away from family. When you spend more time at a full-time job than you do at home with your spouse/family, it's super important that you enjoy the people you work with!

And we enjoy each other's company lots. So much so that we like to do things together outside of the workplace. We have initiated a group night out once a month. Each person has an assigned month where they are to plan something fun outside of work for all of us to do together.

January was Candice's month to plan. She chose Paint-a-Piece. Much like Seize the Clay. A fave of mine. I was excited to say the least.

Kyle was unable to make it, and boy did he miss out! We died laughing throughout the night. You'll see why in the pictures below...

First up, Phyllis' husband Chris...As manly of a man as Chris is, he has an eye for art!
And this is what he makes his wife, Phyllis do...laugh laugh laugh!
And then there is Juan, Val's boyfriend. He is from Mexico. I like to think that I can speak Spanish with him. He just laughs. And just like Chris, he is a trip to be around!
The happy couple!
Messy messy table...
Chris and Juan, two peas in a pod...
Casey, here, is our student who is currently with us...She is great! And she showed all of us up with her creation. A really cute cross with a sweet Bible verse painted around the edges. In this picture she is helping Candice out with a wedding gift for one of her friends.
Val, our fearless leader, and her pretty vase. Happiness is definitely her word. She is the definition.
And Juan is very proud of his bowl. I think he represented about four different sports teams on it! haha...
And here are our creations once we got them back after glazing... The orange vase and coasters belong to me. Not fantastic. But compared to past creations, these are a large improvement!
Coasters... which one of these is not like the others :)

February is my month to plan! Can't wait to share my post on that night!

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