Sunday, October 10, 2010

Same Song, Different Verse

Once again, this weekend we had a wedding to go to. (I love weddings, so in no way is that a coplaint) We'll get to that....

Friday night, we went to the movies with the Siscos. We haven't been to the movies in I can't tell you how long. It's nice to feel like we are finally getting settled and catching back up with things.

We saw Life As We Know It.Wonderful movie. I laughed. I cried. I laughed some more. I cried some more. Kyle enjoyed it, but then again he enjoys chick flicks (I'm sure he'll appreciate me telling secrets on him). Including some Ben and Jerry's afterward made for a nice little date night.

Saturday, I finally got a haircut. It has been almost a year!!!! When Kyle and I got engaged, my hair was pretty short. I refused to cut it until after the wedding in fear of it not being long enough to do anything with. So now my hair is split-end free and ready to grow some more. Mom and I ran a few errands afterward, including picking up my car from the dealership with a $1,900 list of things that need to be fixed now, and if not, in the near future. Just what I wanted to hear. Especially since Kyle just got four new tires for his truck. C'est la vie, I suppose.

I finally got around to getting our office organized to where there is not a million things in boxes, plastic bins, etc all over the floor. One more thing to mark off my list. My long, never-ending list. I swear, by the time I get this place to feel like our home, it's going to be time to leave.

Saturday night, we went to Brandon and Caroline's wedding. Kyle and Brandon were in dental school together, and Caroline and I became friends through a weekly Bible study. Their wedding was beautiful. From her bridesmaids dresses, to the flowers, to the ceremony and Scripture read, everything was wonderful. Here is a picture of me and the beautiful bride.

And here is a picture of my handsome man and me.Since my computer has died and I am using Kyle's (that has no editing program), please excuse the red eye. And the washed out face of mine, I won't blame the camera for. I am sworn off the tanning bed, and now I look ill. I'm not sure how long I can take this.

And just like last weekend, Kyle headed back to Crossville. He has an appointment with a dentist in Cookeville on Monday. Since I have to work, I got left behind :( As much fun as we have had these past few weekends, I am ready for a weekend of nothing-ness. Nowhere to be. No one to meet up with. No schedule. And if you know me, you know I love a schedule.

Hope everyone has a great week!

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  1. ok, I broke up with the tanning bed in January. It has been a hard 10 months, full of ups and downs. If you can come up with good alternative, PLEASE let me know! hope you are doing great!