Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day Maker

Usually every day I can find something that lightens the load of the routine-ness of going to work, coming home, making dinner, going to bed. Whether it be something funny a patient says or does, a good story about one of Kyle's crazy patients, or making a fool of myself at work when I run into the same table, everyday. That's another story.

Today, it was this sweet face. Actually, these sweet faces...
The hot momma on the right is my dearest and oldest friend, Kati. And cheeks there to the left is her 3 month old daughter, Abbi. Kati and I became friends when were 10 years old. Kati's family had moved to Collierville about two weeks before my family did and we ended up in the same 5th grade class. While my mom and I were riding our bikes home from school not too long after moving there, Kati's mom Sami almost hit me with her truck. That was until Kati yelled out, "Hey, that girl is in my class!" Haha. They're house was situated in the cove behind our house. Our moms became instant friends, as did Kati and I. And as they say, the rest is history. 15 years later, we have both been in each others' weddings and now I like to consider myself an aunt.

Kati was about 8 months pregnant with Abbi during the time of my wedding, and Abbi came into this world just as precious as she could be on July 18. And I still haven't gotten to hold that sweet thing in my arms. You see, Patrick (Kati's baby's daddy...ok and husband too), is pretty much Maverick (think Top Gun). They live in Wichita Falls, Texas. WAY too far away if you ask me. I miss them. But it's days like today and long Skype dates with baby and mommy that make up for the distance.

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